We’re here to help you with your

‘social skills’


Once upon a time, two Social Media creatives walked out of the agency door and into the real world. Whilst sipping cups of tea and dreaming of being our own bosses – Tango Social was born.

10486135_10101603816166447_7865789111589945271_nFor over 9 years, we both have worked across a variety of brands and industries including FMCG, Beauty, Media, Entertainment, Education, Design, Architecture, Automotive, and B2B. We’ve graced the pages of some of Australia’s largest brands and that’s more than once. We’re the type of socials unafraid to ideate, create, shoot and feature. We were doing social before social was even a paid platform.

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tim-bennett-OwvRB-M3GwE-unsplashSince starting Tango Social, we’ve built up a wide breadth of clientele – to whom we give it our all. We care about your ‘social’ skills and are excited to lend our expertise to those who need it! Tango Social is a small Melbourne based team committed to delivering bespoke social media solutions for small to medium businesses.

Contact us for a free consultation on FACEBOOK or info@tangosocial.com.au 

**P.S We are NOT an agency or web designers, we’re just good at social. 💁‍♀️